Keychain Utility


Every keychain you hold automatically earns daily UNLOCK tokens.

NFT Forge

Vote on and approve NFT lore and artwork for NFT collections created within the Forge.

Guaranteed Rarity

Each keychain you hold unlocks one NFT in each forged set - with rare keychains unlocking rare newly minted NFTs.

Discounted Minting

Mint new NFT sets at a 50% discount.


UNLOCK Token Utility

Price Targeting

xUNLOCK Holders determine the UNLOCK Target Price by voting. UNLOCK emissions are adjusted automatically to pressure the UNLOCK price towards the chosen target.

DAO Voting Power

Stake UNLOCK to gain DAO influence. Longer staking of UNLOCK results in greater voting power.


Staking UNLOCK gives you a proportional share of daily UNLOCK emissions.


Use UNLOCK to mint NFTs from collections created within the Forge - with the option to use use Mint Vision and choose from multiple NFTs before actually minting.


NFT Forge

Creative Control

Keychain holders vote for and approve all creative aspects of the newly created NFT sets.

Lore Creators

Lore Creators create the NFT lore and traits for new NFT sets. They receive UNLOCK tokens each time an NFT in the new set is minted.


Artists visualize the winning Lore for the new NFT sets. They receive UNLOCK tokens each time an NFT is minted.


Similar to the keychains, NFTs created within the Forge automatically earn UNLOCK tokens each day.



Minting Flexibility

Mint keychains and forged sets with both UNLOCK and MATIC on Polygon

Instant Reveal

Keychains are revealed as soon as they are minted.

Instant Rarity

NFT Rarity shows up immediately on OpenSea as built-in metadata.

Community Reserve

Minti proceeds are deposited into the Community Reserve - to pay both the Lore Creators and Artists.



Daniel Cota

Daniel (@danielcota) is a veteran developer from the United States with extensive app, server and blockchain dev experience whose apps have been downloaded more than 30 million times.

Daniel is the owner of The Othernet, LLC. You can find their current apps here:

An avid NFT collector, Daniel is currently the largest holder of JRNY Club NFTs (a project created by @JRNYcrypto) and owner of Neo Tokyo Citizen #2271.

In addition to 200 Keys, Daniel is currently working on a project to promote atmospheric carbon dioxide reduction, a novel computational mechanism for telescopy/microscopy, artifical intelligence and expanding his operatic repertoire.


Fred is an experienced Information Technology leader from the United States and has served in many key IT leadership roles over his career.

He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, applying technical and project management expertise to develop and implement solutions and products that are aligned with the organization’s strategy.

Fred serves on the board of a financial investment group focused on non-traditional assets categories. He provides the members with technical, crypto, and NFT guidance and overall best practices for entering the crypto and NFT space in a safe and secure way.

Fred is also a musician and has been in several bands. His latest band, Crash The Palace, released an EP in 2019 and are currently working on their follow up.



Key #200 only shows up in 5 keychains. Key #1 shows up in 1500 keychains.

OpenSea royalties for both keychains and NFT sets created by the forge are 7.5%.

90% of the royalties will be used to buy UNLOCK and MATIC which is then permanently locked into the liquidity pool. 10% to 200 Keys.

Coinbase allows you to send MATIC directly to your wallet.

You can also convert ETH to MATIC using Uniswap and then bridge over the MATIC using the Polygon Bridge.