Key Mansion

Key Mansion is the first NFT collection being created within the Forge.

The winning Lore for the collection was created by @24601 (from our Discord server).

Key Mansion is being visualized by Sonavan Studios (Jeff Johnson - AIA, Adrian La Tona - AIA, and Zach VanOverbeke).

You will find the Key Mansion Lore and some in-progress samples from the Ballroom below.


As you walk toward your destination, your mind subconsciously replays the question you’ve been asking yourself for a while now – why have you been collecting these keys? You can't deny you have been drawn to them but never quite understood why. Is there a purpose? Have you been wasting your time? Does anyone even use keys anymore?

More thoughts run through your mind, specific to the present moment. . . How did you even find out about this place? What made you want to seek it out? And why are you traveling alone at night to begin with?

Suddenly, your thoughts are interrupted as you gasp at the first sight of what sits before you. There, sitting as if perched at the apex of the grounds on which it was built, stands before you the most oppressive looking structure your eyes have ever seen.

You are reminded of the feelings evoked by the narrator as he described his approach to the infamous House of Usher. But that, of course, is a work of fiction. Yet, to be sure, the sense of despair, the feeling that the house is in decay, and the change in the air itself in the immediate vicinity of the building is real enough to support your mental analogy.

Is it your imagination, fueled by that known story of the macabre, or do you detect a break in the front of the building, a crack no doubt similar to that fissure in the storied Usher home? As you approach, you are taken aback when you discover. . . The defect in the front of the home is not just the typical crack of a structural weakening, but. . . can such a coincidence really be? You dare to walk a little closer and stare in amazement. There can be no doubt that the opening in the façade is, in fact, an oversized representation of. . . a keyhole.

You are now sure that you are in the right place, but where are you and why have you been drawn to such a foreboding site? You stop just short of the large cold stone stairs leading the oversized entrance. There, perched upon the ornamented staircase, sits a large blackbird. You nervously laugh to yourself as you appreciate the appropriateness of the familiar omen.

As the Raven stares through you, you cannot help but gaze back. After a few moments, you notice that there is something held tightly in the grasp of the ominous bird’s beak. As if giving you no choice, the majestic creature seems to will you to inch closer and, as you approach, the Raven appears to slowly loosen its grasp on the worn paper. You pause for courage just briefly before reaching out to confiscate the mysterious parcel. The instant the object is secured, the Raven flutters off, leaving you. . . all alone.

Realizing there is no turning back now, you carefully unfold the single tattered page. Scrawled across the top in script reminiscent of days of yore is written: KEY MANSION – GROUND FLOOR. Below the beautifully calligraphed title is drawn an equally artful representation of what appears to be a floor plan identifying a series of nine (9) rooms, connected in a 3x3 grid pattern. The room at the bottom center is labeled Entry and you cannot help but feel that the doors detailed on the page look uncannily – or maybe eerily - similar to the ones that stand before you.

You aren’t sure how it will help you, but you have a feeling the hand drawn plan is worth holding on to. As you slowly begin to refold the parchment, you notice something you overlooked in the excitement of your initial reveal. Written on the back, in a faded ink, you are able to make out the following:

How you came upon my floor plan, I cannot imagine, but alas, if you found this, I did not make it out.

I too was drawn to Key Mansion, seeking the fabled treasures within. But BEWARE, the house is not what it seems. To begin with, once you gain entry to a given room, each subsequent room appears to require additional specific keys. I thought I had come prepared, but apparently not prepared enough. I can only warn that before you decide to enter, be sure to have enough keys to not only get around inside the mansion, but also to get out!

I am sure you already know the stories of treasures stashed within the mansion but remember that successfully verifying a complete floor plan is said to also bring its own rewards.

I wish you better luck than I.


You are not sure whether you are holding a gift of a curse. Does it matter? Resigning to the inevitable, you mentally prepare for the adventure you know you cannot refuse. . .

NFT Mechanics

Key Mansion – Series One - Ground Floor is a 10,000 token NFT set that is based in the collection of ROOMS that when assembled properly, combine to reflect a complete GROUND FLOOR PLAN.

There are Nine (9) room orientations that, when arranged in a 3x3 grid (looking down on the rooms) align in a way that shows communicating doors on each side of communicating rooms; and windows (or exterior doors) on remaining walls. Positions shall be referred as shown below:

(1,3) (2,3) (3,3)
(1,2) (2,2) (3,2)
(1,1) (2,1) (3,1)

There are 2-3 possibilities for each grid location. For example, the room located at (3,1) may be a Ballroom or it might be a Conservatory (imagine vintage board game perspective and style). That said, the number of base rooms (backgrounds) is limited to 20 to allow the artist to complete the set. Within each room there is then a series of base traits that can/will apply to any room (floor type, wall type, whether cracked or not, etc.).

Owning a complete GROUND FLOOR PLAN of 9 ROOMS will provide special benefit. [Refer to STAKING]

The bulk of the NFT diversity will come from the remaining items that may be found in any given room. A large grouping of items make up the main room items lists, but there are a few special collections to correspond to rarer keys. [Refer to TRAIT LIST for full info].

The main pursuit of the collection will be to own rooms that contain TREASURE. The rarest 40 traits, to correspond with the rarest 40 keys, each represent a varied number of SILVER, GOLD, RUBIES, or DIAMONDS. These treasures provide special benefit. [Refer to STAKING]

As established in the base function of the secondary set, each Key Mansion – Series One - Ground Floor NFT held in a wallet is considered staked and is eligible to collect 5 UNLOCK tokens per day.

Complete Set
A GROUND FLOOR PLAN of 9 NFTs (each representing a different part of the 3x3 grid pattern) held in a given wallet is considered to be a staked set. A staked set doubles the daily UNLOCK tokens each NFT in the set is eligible to receive daily from 5 to 10. (A total of 90 UNLOCK/day for each set of 9 NFTs). Unmatched NFTs continue to collect 5 UNLOCK per day.

Each collection of TREASURE held within a given wallet is considered staked treasure and is eligible to collect UNLOCK tokens per day according to the following schedule [to be finalized before mint time]:

Each SILVER piece: 1 UNLOCK/day

Each GOLD piece: 3 UNLOCK/day

Each RUBY piece: 5 UNLOCK/day

Each DIAMOND piece: 10 UNLOCK/day

TREASURE staking is independent of NFT or COMPLETE SET staking.

The Key Mansion – Series One – Ground Floor set is designed to achieve a number of key points:

• The set encourages ownership of multiple Key Mansion NFTs to build a COMPLETE SET.
• The set encourages secondary market demand to build a COMPLETE SET.
• The set encourages additional 200 KEYS Ownership to attempt to build a COMPLETE SET.
• The set creates demand for rare keys in the 200 KEYS set that correspond to TREASURE characteristics in the Key Mansion NFTs. (Only keys above 160 correspond to TREASURE traits)
• The set creates demand for rooms with TREASURE.
• The set reinforces the value of the UNLOCK token and promotes purchase and use of UNLOCK.
• The search for TREASURE will encourage use of UNLOCK Vision staking to view possible treasure available.
• The story is open ended, allowing for subsequent series. As additional series unfold, additional secrets of Key Mansion – and why you are there - are waiting to be discovered. [Rumor has it that a story to introduce the second floor is already drafted and additional series ideas include Attic/Basement and Grounds.]

Final Note: The promise of additional UNLOCK staking inherent to this set design is not arbitrary. The nature of the interlocked mechanics to the genesis set and added utility of the second set is exactly what will create an immediate and sustained demand for UNLOCK, promote use of UNLOCK, increase the value of UNLOCK, and increase the value of each NFT series.

While not a formal part of the lore proposal or the associated mechanics structure, let me just say that I can imagine that the 200 Keys development team could create a special link for this Series.

The link could take you to a web page which, when connected with a given wallet, would show a blank 3x3 grid outline and the Key Mansion NFTs within the connected wallet below.

The user could then drag the NFTs into the grid to create a full floor plan view. This view could be shared via screenshot within the community.


Entrance Hall 1 (2,1) Staircase 1 (2,2) Library (1,1)
Ballroom (3,1) Game Room (1,2) Gallery (3,2)
Dining Room (1,3) Kitchen 1 (2,3) Storeroom (3,3)
Entrance Hall 2 (2,1) Staircase 2 (2,2) Chapel (1,1)
Conservatory (3,1) Organ Room (1,2) Study (3,2)
Collapsed Dining Room (1,3)       Charred Kitchen (2,3) Abandoned Room (3,3)
Bloody Room (3,2) Abandoned Operating Room (3,3)      
Wood 1 Wood 2 Wallpaper 1
Wallpaper 2       Wallpaper 3       Plaster
Stone 1 Stone 2
Wood 1 Wood 2 Tile 1
Tile 2 Stone 1 Stone 2
Wall 1 Artwork 1 Wall 1 Artwork 2 Wall 2 Artwork 2
Wall 2 Artwork 2 Wall 3 Artwork 1 Wall 3 Artwork 2
Wall 4 Artwork 1 Wall 4 Artwork 2 Cracked Wall 1
Cracked Wall 2 Cracked Wall 3 Cracked Wall 4
Runner 1 Runner 2 Area Rug 1
Area Rug 2 Area Rug 2 Bearskin
Tiger Skin Lion Skin Elephant Skin
Ball Toy Candle
Bottle Gloves Book
Lamp Envelope Plate
Wine Bottle Coffee Mug Feather
Bell Broken Chair Ashtray
Cigar Eyeglasses Teddy Bear
Stuffed Monkey Toy Train Car Spider
Rotary Phone Mirror Whisky Bottle
Barbell Broom Checkerboard
Board Game Statue 1 Statue 2
Playing Cards Pretzel Rake
Antlers Guitar Set of Keys
Globe Cobwebs Phonograph
Crate Mortar and Pestle Chess Board
Magnifying Glass Deerstalker Cap Wig
Shovel Plunger Grandfather Clock
Space Helmet Muddy Boots Suit of Armor
Christmas Tree Footsteps Piano
Music Box Crystal Ball Kitchen Sink
Calabash Pipe Spirit Board Chalk Outline
Stethoscope Amulet Puzzle Box
Skull Medical Bag Tarot Cards
Fish Mouse Rat
Cat Dog Rabbit
Snake Tarantula Raven
Candlestick Knife Lead Pipe
Revolver Rope Wrench Poison
Axe Dynamite Spear
Trap Door Locked Safe Headstone
Clown Puppet Empty Coffin Hockey Mask
Chainsaw Annabelle Angel Wings
Devil Wings
Skeleton Fish Skeleton Mouse Skeleton Rat
Skeleton Cat Skeleton Dog Skeleton Rabbit
Skeleton Snake Skeleton Tarantula Skeleton Raven
Human Skeleton (A.A.)
1 Silver Piece 2 Silver Pieces 3 Silver Pieces
4 Silver Pieces 5 Silver Pieces 6 Silver Pieces
7 Silver Pieces 8 Silver Pieces 9 Silver Pieces
10 Silver Pieces 1 Gold Piece 2 Gold Pieces
3 Gold Pieces 4 Gold Pieces 5 Gold Pieces
6 Gold Pieces 7 Gold Pieces 8 Gold Pieces
9 Gold Pieces 10 Gold Pieces 1 Ruby
2 Rubies 3 Rubies 4 Rubies
5 Rubies 6 Rubies 7 Rubies
8 Rubies 9 Rubies 10 Rubies
1 Diamond 2 Diamonds 3 Diamonds
4 Diamonds 5 Diamonds 6 Diamonds
7 Diamonds 8 Diamonds 9 Diamonds
10 Diamonds

Stained glass window detail from the Chapel.