Price Targeting

xUNLOCK Holders determine the UNLOCK Target Price by voting. UNLOCK emissions are adjusted automatically to pressure the UNLOCK price in the direction of the chosen target.

Current Emissions:10.00 UNLOCK / keychain held / day
Current Target Price:$0.00570
Current UNLOCK Price:   $∞

Select one of the Price Targets below to vote on chain:

Price Target: $0.009
Total xUNLOCK voted: 0

Price Target: $0.008
Total xUNLOCK voted: 84.9k

Price Target: $0.006
Total xUNLOCK voted: 5.3M


The price targets adjust themselves to the market to reduce the effect of market volatility resulting in emissions volatility. As UNLOCK has a large liquidity pool on Velodrome, the UNLOCK / VELO price is used as the target behind the scenes and that price is then converted to UNLOCK / USD for display here. As the market and VELO rises, the price targets rise in turn.

Every day the amount of UNLOCK emissions increases by 3% (if the UNLOCK price is more the target) and decreases by 3% (if the UNLOCK price is less than the target).

Emissions in combination with UNLOCK burning (through minting, etc) affect supply and demand of UNLOCK. If emissions fall below the burn rate UNLOCK then becomes deflationary with tokens for utility needing to be purchased from Uniswap.

Your voting power is the amount of xUNLOCK you hold. 1 to 1. 1000 xUNLOCK has 1000 voting power.

Staking UNLOCK yields xUNLOCK, with longer staking periods yielding more xUNLOCK.

Purchasing via UniSwap or by holding keychains (through minting or purchasing on OpenSea).

Once the target is reached, there will be a new ballot of options that include 2x the previous target, the previous target and 1/2 the previous target.

Votes for the previous winning target will remain on the new ballot and the new 2x and 1/2 target levels will start with no votes.

The emissions from keychains and NFTs created by the Forge are adjusted. The 3500 UNLOCK daily emissions for UNLOCK staking are not - but may be taken up by another vote if there is community interest.

No, the DAO keeps track of your vote by wallet - any added xUNLOCK is accounted for automatically.

Yes, when claiming UNLOCK the current emissions rate is used at the moment of claiming.